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By Gods Design
Copyright 2004
Glyn Stewart Johnson

The Clouds
The clouds are drifting lazily,
stretching out across the summer sky
The beauty of their splendor is a wonder and amazement to my eyes
For there's only one reason and only one way to explain
The sight of their beauty is there only by God's grace

The Eagle
The eagle flies in silence, heard only by the stillness of the air
Each feather of his body is placed strategically with tender care
He soars to such great heights and there's only one way this could be done
With God's hands beneath his wings he flies as if he might touch the Sun

The Stars
The stars flicker brightly, a mulitude of lights seen from afar
It's almost as if God left the door to Heaven, slightly ajar
And the light that beams brightly, show you the way to Heaven's door
And if you've live in God's light, it will shine for you forever more

God's Love
Oh how His precious love surrounds us
It extends beyond the limits of our lives
You can see it in the sky, in the wind and when birds fly
Everything is done by God's design