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Ushering in the New Year

A Prayer for the New Year

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Through the Year

The Way to a Happy New Year

Starting Over

Start Over

New Beginnings



Sandra Town Lytle

I like to spend my New Years' eves
In solitude, in humble prayer,
In thanks for each year, as it leaves;
For one more year of God's sweet care.

Then, too, I pray for strength, that I
Might do His will this coming year
And that I might still harder try
To be a friend to those held dear.

I've had my years of "gaiety,"
With parties and a noisy crowd -
And emptiness inside of me
While those around me laugh too loud.

In these, my golden years, I find
The way to end the old year right,
Which gives me joy and peace of mind
Before retiring for the night,

Is blissful hours at home alone,
With music, and a book to read,
And time in prayer for love God's shown -
It's all I ask . . . and all I need.