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Watching, and sometimes knowing how the people from Asia leave families and friends behind to come here has caused me to produce this flash movie.

Grateful to Glenna for this poem, and this is also one of the few flash movies, which the photos were shot by me.


Sending a Note Across the Miles
Copyright © 2009 by Glenna M. Baugh

This note comes with love and smiles
To you, dear friend, across the miles
I am blessed God sent you my way
And I pray for you every day.

Our good times are so much a part
Of memories stored within my heart
Although you are many miles away
My friend, I think of you each day

When I feel a little sad and blue,
The easiest thing for me to do,
Is remember that things can't be that bad
Because I have a wonderful friend like you.

Our notes across the miles filled with hope
Sharing our faith in God helps us to cope
Together we know we are never alone
Across the miles our friendship carries on.

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