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Enjoy "Through the Year"

Ushering in the New Year

A Prayer for the New Year

Happy New Year

Starting Over

Start Over

New Beginnings






We celebrate joy with merry cheer.
The greatest gifts in life behold
as the dawn of each new day unfold.

With every new day comes welcome joy
an enlightened moment for mind's to toy.
Sometimes we confuse blessings with strife
by looking back on regrets of life.

Yesterdays are ghosts haunting the past
by grace and forgiveness, they don't last.
Tomorrows are just an unbearable load
for future mysteries are yet untold.

The mistakes we have made in days long gone
are covered by our delightful repentance song.
By the mercy from a heart full of love
tomorrows will sparkle with stars from above.

If we just give a brother a gentle kind hand
we will walk together in life's journeyland.
For there is no burden we cannot bear
if guided by faith we together can share.

As calculated as the sun rises and falls from the sky
knowing it's all planned carefully for you and I.
Through sunshine or darkness, hope or despair
the walk of today is the path where we care.

So out with the old and in with the new
an expression of life we need to review.
For yesterdays gone, tomorrow's far away
Today's the beginning of our brand new day.