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Feel a Touch of Autumn
Copyright © 2007 by Marilyn Ferguson

Feel a touch of autumn
Riding on the breeze
Sense it in the shifting wind
See it in the trees

Days are getting shorter
Gone, the warmth of June
Reaping time of harvest
Sun is setting soon

Leaves alive, so merry
Dancing here and there
Rich with vibrant color
Twirling through the air

Temperatures are falling
Morning brings a chill
Robins now departing
Summer time is nil

Squirrels see how they scamper
Quickly, they do flee
Picking up their acorns
Running up a tree

Wooly worms are active
See them everywhere
Always in a hurry
Dressed in winter wear

Warmth is quickly leaving
Sultry days are few
Northern wind now ushers
Start of something new

Feel a touch of autumn
Summer goes away
Swirling leaves of autumn
Now come out to play