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The Valleys of Life
Copyright © 2008 by
Marilyn Ferguson

I’ve viewed the world from lofty heights
I’ve flown just like a dove
I’ve perched upon the highest crest
On mountaintops above.

I’ve seen the towering snow-capped peaks
Where eagles dare to fly
I’ve touched the moon, the universe
I've soared across the sky.

From up above to valleys deep
I’ve lived so brave and bold
But now I’m slowing down a bit
I know I’m growing old.

Just like the blazing sun that sets
The years have slipped away
I stop beside a peaceful stream
And close my eyes to pray.

No longer do I rise above
The mountaintops on high
But down below, I quietly go
Where sheep and cattle lie.

I stroll across a field of grain
Such beauty spilling over
A prairie filled with grass so green
A meadow full of clover.

I venture to the woodlands
Where a cricket can be heard
The sights and sounds are so profound
The chirping of a bird.

Walking down a faded path
I relish in delight
The countryside has come to life
Like fireflies in night.

Thinking back on younger years
I always soared up high
I’m living in the valley now
My time on earth is nigh.

In valleys there is blessed peace
I never feel alone
I’ll walk in fertile pastures
Till my Saviour calls me home.


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