Solving music and movie problems

music problems (click here for movie problems)

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer see below, otherwise click here

Still doesn't work. Click here for more advanced solutions.

1. I assumed you have tried reloading by holding down the "Ctrl" key and press the F5 key. This will force your browser to reload everything. This problem seem to be peculiar only to Microsoft Internet Explorer. The normal reload does not always work.

2. Have you checked that you have turned on your speakers and that sound is not set to mute?

3. Each Flash movie ends with a ".php" E.g., "Today" has the a web address that looks like this, which can be seen on your internet browser software address bar.

Replace the ".php" with ".mid" as follows.

This will play the music and not the movie. Stop the music playing. Next replace the ".mid" with the original ".php" and press Enter. The Flash movie will now play with music.

4. Sometimes you just have to close Internet Explorer and start a new session. In my experience when it gets really stubborn, I switch over to another browser e.g., Firefox. But not everyone has more than one browser installed, in which case you might just have to close all your Internet Explorer sessions and restart your PC.

Still doesn't work. Click here for more advanced solutions.

Firefox Browser

If you are using the Firefox Internet Browser, you are probably missing the midi helper player that plays midi music. A midi player is not included in your Firefox download. I recommend that you install a compatible midi player that comes with Apple QuickTime. It is available at Choose the version that does not come with iTunes.

advanced solutions

1. The PC system resources has become low due to too many applications running or hasn't been restarted for many days. Sound is treated by Windows XP as a low priority resource. Restart the machine.

2. You do not have a midi player, which by default is provided by Microsoft but can be accidentally removed. And if you are using the Firefox Browser then it doesn't include a midi player. To solve this problem, you can use Apple's equivalent midi capable player - QuickTime. Download it at

3. Go to your Windows Control Panel and click on "Sound and Audio Devices". Then click on "Device volume" "advanced". Make sure that "SW sythesizer" is not muted and volume is not set to zero. Actually, none of the volume settings should be muted.

4. Make sure that MIDI music playback is set to Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth or something supported by your PC. If necessary, see youtube video for further settings.

5. If you have previously in Internet Explorer 6 or higher set the browser not to play music, you can restore it by going to "Internet options", "advanced" tab and scroll to the multimedia section and set "play sounds..." to on.

movie problems

The most likely cause of not getting movie is because the Flash player is absent in your Internet browser. You can download and install it from the Flash maker Macromedia. Click here to go there.

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